Saturday, July 11, 2009

Operngasse Sneak Peek...

A few facts:

Operngasse 28 is our address.
New City Wien is the name of the Church.
Tomorrow we have an Open House for the families who are signed up for English Camp. Currently we have 22 kids.
Please pray for a good week :)


Jen said...

O my Goodness!!!! The place looks AMAZING!!!! Wish I could be there to see it in person!
We'll be praying this week for you guys - let us know if something specific pops up :)

Big love,

Dede Hunter said...

This is so exciting! We will be praying!

leslie.kidd said...

cannot wait to see it with my own eyes! wish i could be there for next week!

Lyn said...

Awesome! Wanna hear all about it!

mccaigs5 said...

Very exciting! The place looks amazing. Praying that things go great!

Frank Alfieri said...

We are so happy things seem to be going well. We will be praying too!

Frank & Charlotte