Thursday, May 31, 2007

Update on Levi's health

"But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us. We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed: perplexed, but not driven to despair, persecuted, but not forsaken:, struck down, but not destroyed...
I feel a little like a clay pot that God is shaping and molding...hopefully in the end to look more like Christ! Yesterday, it was hard for me not to be discouraged when Levi started running a high fever. I think he has the same virus that Abby and I had
last week, so at least I know what to expect. We have set up a make-shift bed in the back of our classroom and Levi has been resting comfortably while he watches movies with a set of headphones. So far we really haven't had to miss anything, so we are grateful for his flexibility.

Luke and Abby are loving it out here. Luke has already started to make friends with some boys his age and both of them could hardly wait to get to their classes this morning. Tomorrow they are taking a field trip to the Focus on the Family headquarters.

We have also been encouraged by a single woman named Joanna. She will be serving in Budapest which is only a few hour train ride away from us once we get to Vienna. She has offered to help with the kids while we are here at MTI, so Brad and I can have a few moments to actually process all that we are learning. We are greatly encouraged by her generousity and her willingness to want to love on us! Thanks for checking in on us and for praying for our family!

Levi lounging all day watching Looney Tunes...over and over again!

Here is Abby with one of her teacher's...Miss Colleen

This is the view when we walk outside...not too shabby eh!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More from CO

Good morning...or afternoon...or something! With this time difference, I can't seem to get it together! We had a relaxing morning here at the Best Western. We slept in until 7 (CO time) which was pretty good, then we enjoyed a complimentary bowl of Lucky Charms and then we were off to run and play in the strip of grass on the side of the Best Western parking lot. Doesn't take much to make the kids happy these days! We had fun races and then everyone was complaining of being cold! It is in the high 50's maybe low 60's...beautiful actually! So then the kids and Brad were off to to indoor pool to frolic while I rearranged all of the suitcases for the 20th we could at least have a walking path! There is stuff everywhere...but I can't find anything! Ever felt like that!:)
The kids are really doing well...aside from the fact that Abby is missing the luxury of a fridge and is wanting some salami of all things! We are ordering Chinese for that should make her happy. Without a car and no places within walking distance...we'll have to suck it up and order something! Ha!
Thought I might give you all the website of where we are heading this afternoon, so you can check it out: The kids are curious as to what to expect, and so are we. We do know that there are 30 kids in this group and 28 adults. I'll try to write more about the specifics tomorrow...but the website should be helpful!

I'll close with a few little travel tips that have helped us already...
1. Put drawstring/elastic waistband pants on all of the kids while traveling. (Makes for easier up and down in an airplane bathroom!)

2. Splurge on the personal DVD player. We put two headsets in one and it worked great! (Our kids have loved Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes)

3. Everybody has the same waterbottle...but with their name in a place on it that is visible! They are in charge of their own drinks and we have been going on ''ice runs" to the ice machine!

4. Bring lots of lotions and vaseline when traveling to CO. It really is dry out here! (thanks for the tip Joanna!) Mom, you would be proud...I am shoving vaseline up my nose just like you....who'd a thought!

5. When in doubt, put it in a Ziploc! They really are my best friend! You never know when something might spill!

6. If at all possible bring your own pillows! We basically brought an entire suitcase of pillows for everyone, but we slept really well as a result of doing that!

7. Crocs are the perfect travel shoe!

8. Bring snacks...lots of snacks!

9. Whenever possible..keep your sense of humor!

We made it to Colorado!

The day has finally come! After literally years of preparation, we finally are on our way to Vienna. No more house, no more cars, no more stuff (except what is in our suitcases) Feels very weird! Exciting, crazy and terrifying too! Many of you have walked beside us on this journey, and we are thankful for you! Yesterday, our church had a commissioning service for us. It was absolutely beautiful. We have been so well loved! Thank you for your prayers, gifts, food, scrapbooks and tributes! It was so very moving. I didn't know I could cry so hard and for so long! My nose is still raw from blowing it so many times yesterday! It is a day we will forever hold in our hearts! It was very hard to say "goodbye"...but now we look forward to this new adventure!
So we tearfully said our goodbyes to the moms this morning...and we took off for Colorado Springs with about 14 bags! Gordon Woolard needed the church van to get us AND our bags to the airport! Thanks Gordon! We appreciate all that you and Marilyn have done for us! :)

We really had an unbelievably good day of traveling! The kids did great, all of our luggage made it, and the flights were smooth! We really felt and appreciated your prayers today! A big thank you to everyone who lifted us up!
Here is a shot of Abby checking out the view of Pike's Peak from the airport window. The kids can't believe there is snow on top of it!

It just happened to work out perfectly, that my Aunt Norma and Uncle Roger (from California) were in town visiting my cousin Karl. We hadn't seen them since Brad and I got married almost 10 years ago! Now Karl is a grown man with more facial hair than my dear husband! Wow time flies!

We had a great picnic dinner at a beautiful park, and the kids got to burn off some energy too! It was great catching up!
Levi fell asleep right after we left the parking lot of the park! He definitely was worn out...notice the drool on the seatbelt! We all are pretty worn out, so I will say goodnight for now and will do my best to keep you updated while we are at MTI. If you want to touch base with can reach us on the same cell numbers that we had in FL! Love to you all!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

MeMoos World

My mom just got with the program and started her own blog...check it out!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Keep Breathing...

Who saw the season finale of Grey's Anatomy? Who heard the haunting song played over and over again..."Keep breathing"? Who felt like the wind got knocked out of them as they watched all of the twisted endings that you weren't expecting?

This journey to Vienna has been full of twists and turns...some good and some bad...some days it feels like all I can concentrate on is breathing.

Thankfully when I have one of those Heavenly Father is more than willing to carry my burdens and breath new life into my weak and fragile body.

I don't know the ending of this journey for us...some days I would like to. It is an adventure we are just beginning. Daily learning to trust that His mercies are new every morning..and that through this process He is refining us...refining us to look more like Christ.

Isaiah 43:19
Behold, I am doing a new thing:
now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
I will make a way in the wilderness,
rivers in the desert...
to give drink to my chosen people,
the people whom I formed for myself
that they may declare my praise.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Isaiah 41:10

For the last few weeks, this verse has been posted to my bathroom mirror. When I have been overwhelmed, fearful, exhausted and doubting it has been a great reminder that it is the Lord who is with me-who will strengthen me-help me and uphold me. We have felt your prayers for our family and God has done some mighty and exciting things during these last few days! (We will be writing more on this in an upcoming prayer update, so stay tuned!)

On Monday and Tuesday, the last boxes were packed and put into storage until we get the proper paperwork for our visas. Our last night in the house, we sat around the kitchen table with the kids and the grandmas reminiscing about all the fun and not so fun times at the house! We laughed and cried and rejoiced over those special memories that will live forever in our hearts...and when we forget, I have vowed to make a "Florida Favorites" book of pictures and stories of our time in Florida. ( We'll see if it gets done before we leave! ) We are living with the Glam Grams until we leave for training in Colorado on May 28th.

Many of you have asked about an update on Abby's schooling situation. As of now, she got the last spot in the German speaking only class, and is on the waiting list for the bi-lingual class if a spot opens up. We were told that her teacher speaks very good English and that she would be able to help Abby during this time of transition. We are very thankful for this and trusting that God has what is best for our Abby girl.

The kids are being troopers, sleeping in the same room together and adjusting to where to find their underwear, now that everything is displaced. Overall, things are going great and they are enjoying time with Neena and Memoo. Life isn't too bad here as MeMoo has taught Levi how to heat up his blanket in the dryer...all by himself!

Brad is already missing his fruit plantation, but his mom is keeping him busy with a "to do list" before we leave. We have heard back from the University of Wien, basically asking us to be patient, as registration for the summer is just beginning...and the woman assigned to us is now on vacation until May 21st. I think there will be a few more hoops to jump through than we first expected...please keep praying and checking in on us! We have appreciated all of the encouragement many of you have sent our way!