Monday, May 21, 2007

What have we been doing?

Enjoying the luxuries of Neena and MeMoo's place

10th Anniversary Party at Mai Kai

Boys weekend getaway

Mother's Day breakfast
Enjoying a visit with Great Grandma and Grandpa
Playing at Ft. Lauderdale Beach

Luke's baseball team playing for the championship
Abby's first ballet recital

Abby graduates from Kindergarten

Girls Getaway to Lake Placid

Celebrating Auntie Dede and Great Grandpa's birthday


Amy said...

Go ABBY!!! She looks so beautiful in her cap and gown! I had a wonderful weekend...wonderful memories...Hope your gang doesn't have what my "B" has. Yuck-o! Love you.

Jeff and Jodie said...

Great photos - I'm glad you're enjoying your "lasts". Praying for a good week of good-byes for you all.


Kailee Grulich said...

looks like you guys have been busy! fun times though, thanks for sharing your pictures (they're my favorite part of this whole blog thing!) :) I wish I was going to see you before you leave, but I'm glad I can keep up with you all on here, you're in our prayers!

Kim said...

Great pictures!! Abby looks SO CUTE in her pretty pink tutu and I love the flower behind her ear in the cap and gown! Love, kim

Shannon said...

Wow, so you've had lots of time for pedicures, soap operas and bon bons, I see... These pictures are wonderful and I hope you all are enjoying every second of your remaining time with all those precious people. We miss you and love you. Love, Shan

PS I love the bathtub picture!

Mary Porter said...

I love the pictures of Abby's graduation! :)