Friday, June 29, 2007

Sites, Sounds and Tastes of the 1st District

Today we wanted the kids to experience what the sites, sounds and tastes of the 1st District we took them to the center of the city. It was really fun to enter into the hustle and bustle of city life and watch the kids' reactions.

Outside the Wiener Oper (the Opera House)

What all good tourists do...take a horse and buggy ride to see the center of the city!

Luke snapped this shot of us!

Luke's reaction when he first saw the Stephansdom...

Stephansdom...the St. Stephan's Cathedral in the heart of the city

If I need to tempt you into coming to visit are a few of the tasty tempations we observed in the 1st District...
click on the pictures if you want a better view:)

We also got to see a really cool "break-dancing" here if you want to see part of it!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

VBS-Vienna Bilingual School

We visited Luke and Abby's school today, met their future teachers, and we have some encouraging news on 2 fronts--

ONE spot for the bilingual 1st grade class opened up for Abby...TODAY!
So Luke AND Abby will both be in bilingual class, with school starting September 3. Luke & I will go back to the school tomorrow to see the school's year-end program & 4th grade graduation (primary school is 1st-4th grades), and then go again on Friday for official registration and evaluation.

Add to that that the Direktorin (Principal) of the school is a believer, and she attends the same church that we are attending. God is faithful.

I finally figured out how to work the washing I tried to get caught up

Levi lounging in his stroller on the Strassenbahn

This is the favorite slide of the children

Luke and Abby enjoy the spinny thing at a local park. While at the park, I can't help but notice that the face of Vienna has changed dramatically since I lived here 11-12 years ago...the literal faces, that is. Luke, Stacey and I had a good talk about the nations and religions even represented in this little park (as you can see in the background), and how desperately this city needs Jesus.

Daddy got Eisspaghetti (Spaghetti Ice Cream--vanilla ice cream pushed through a press to look like noodles, topped with strawberry sauce and crunchy nuts)

Levi eating his "Smurf" ice cream

Luke enjoying his sundae

I don't know if the reality of everything has started to hit the children a little more, or if they are just tired from all that we have been doing, but they definitely are struggling with melt-downs a little more today. To encourage and comfort them, we have been memorizing Psalm 139 and have been talking about how Jesus left the comforts of his home in heaven. Please continue to pray for how we can minister to their sensitive hearts.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What a day!

Brad headed off to the University of Wien first thing this morning. He ended up meeting with two more people who were very helpful...but he still has a few more hurdles to jump over...and many of the administrators and staff are on vacation most of July. He was told not to be in a hurry, as classes don't begin until Oct. Easier said than done I suppose. Keep praying!

Along with two parks, the kids and I also went to a local pet store. It was fun to hear Luke interact with the clerk and ask "Was ist das?", as he was looking at the fish. He can't wait to get an aquarium once we find our own place. These are chinchillas...Brad wanted me to take a picture for Uncle Rick in honor of their time in Italy in '92.

This is an image that we see everyday on public should give your seat up to those who have small children, who are pregnant, disabled or elderly. Luke of course jumps at the chance to give up his seat and hold on instead.

Brad and the kids at the Schoenbrunn Palace

The kids and I at Schoenbrunn

Brad enjoying a Kebab at the Naschmarkt

We ended the day with a game of "memory"...but not just plain ol' memory...we had to name the animals in German!

As you can see, today was a busy day. Tomorrow we plan on seeing the schools that the kids will attend next year and next week we plan on starting the hunt for an apartment.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Meeting at the University in the morn...

Tonight we went to the Kahlenberg (which is a mountain that overlooks the city) to eat with some of our Austrian friends. We had great Wiener schnitzel. The weather was really hot today, but tonight a big rain came through and cooled everything off.
The kids are really enjoying finding their way around the city...Luke already is learning how many minutes before the next train!

First thing in the morning Brad heads off to the University to meet with his advisor and take his ACTUAL diplomas with him. Please pray that all will go smoothly....we will keep you posted.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Keep guessing...

Thanks to everyone who participated in the guessing game...Dom and Kat won (even though they cheated;) and the answer was a tube of MUSTARD! Since I am too tired to post about all the fun we had today, I thought instead I would give you another thing to try and it is!

P.S. Glam Grams, sorry we missed your call...we were at dinner with Tabea and Daniel. We will try tomorrow.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Willkommen in Wien!

Willkommen in Wien! Welcome to Vienna! We made it safely to the other side...tired, but well.

We were greeted at the airport with a police escort from 2 Austrian police officers whom we got to know or know better at the Evangelical Reformed Church conference Brad spoke at last October. Herbert and Maria live outside of Vienna, and we look forward to getting to know them much better over the coming months, and Harald and Jacqueline were here all the way from Western Austria. It was a genuine Austrian greeting full of Gemuetlichkeit!

Tabea (one of the Austrian girls who has lived with us) and her boyfriend Daniel, went above and beyond today they met us at the airport, got us groceries so we wouldn't have to make a trip to the store, got us all goodies and then proceeded to make us schnitzel and potato fries for lunch! We truly were blessed by everyone who came and greeted us and then helped us get settled!

I've never seen these in America, but Tabea found them and thought our kids would love them...she was right! They are straws prefilled with strawberry and chocolate balls that turn your milk those flavors as you suck through the straw. Here is Levi trying both flavors at the same time!

The apartment where we'll stay until we find our own apartment is very clean and charming, and Brad and the kids went for a walk this afternoon to...count them...three local parks within about 5-10 minutes from the apartment. The weather here is beautiful, too, and God is clearly preserving our sanity.

Now a little game for all of you non-German speakers...what do you think this might be? My guess was toothpaste, but I was very wrong!

Friday, June 22, 2007

We leave tomorrow!

It's hard to believe that we leave tomorrow! We have been so encouraged by your phone calls, e-mails and packages as we prepare to depart! Today we spent the day at World Harvest, wrapping up all of our last minute paperwork etc. The sending center also prayed for us. Our teammates, Jeff and Jodie also came through and it was great to share some pizza together...if only for a few minutes!:) The next time we write will be from Vienna! Tschuess! (Which is bye!)

Josh,Sandy,Emily and Meredith Elder (our boss)

The McMullens and Hunters

Monica watched our rugrats today while we were in meetings! Thanks!

These are some photos from our family vacation:
The kids at the Air Force Academy Chapel

Levi playing with his new dinosaurs

Abby admiring her stones that she got at the museum

Luke at the Dinosaur Museum

the kids on the porch of our cabin in the mountains of CO

Friday, June 15, 2007

So long, farewell, Aufwiedersehen, goodbye..

More goodbyes today as we leave MTI. We take off later today for some family time in Colorado until Tues the 19th. Here is what the rest of our schedule looks like while we are in the states:

20th and 21st fly to Philadelphia and visit World Harvest and our teammates the McMullens

22nd fly out of Washington DC to VIENNA!

We don't know when we will have an internet connection again...
but our cell phones will work in the states until we leave, so give us a call if you are able.

We also sent out our prayer letter, but there were a few if you didn't get the attachment yet, it will be coming.

Until we blog again...we love you guys!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

More MTI memories

There are 37 adults and 22 children who participated in this SPLICE at MTI. Going to six continents! We have been encouraged and blessed by each and everyone of you! We look forward with great anticipation to see how God will use all of you throughout the world! We will keep all of you in our prayers!

If any of you are reading our blog and would like to keep up with some of these other are some blogspots you should check out