Sunday, June 03, 2007

Weekend Fun

So yesterday we set off for Pike's Peak. It took a little while to get a rental car...but finally Brad got the last mini-van from the airport. We drove up the mountain...and it was really fun to see the spectacular views and have the kids holding on for dear life as there is no guard rail and the drop off is really steep! Once we got to 14,000 was snowing! The kids enjoyed a little hot chocolate and trying to catch snowflakes with their tongues!
Part of the view from Pike's Peak

Ed Dunigan (Brad's roomate from college) came from Denver to meet up with us

Another family from MTI also visiting Pikes Peak

Luke eating snowflakes in June!

Joanna (the newest addition to our family) and Abby (sorry I can't rotate it!)

Brad loved the striations in the snow!

After eating really good pizza at a place called "Marilyn's", we found a local park to burn off some steam! Brad must have eaten too much pizza because he broke the swing! Fortunately he was ok...except for his bruised pride! We all certainly got a good laugh!

On Friday we discussed conflict in our classes. When missionaries were asked what the most stressful thing was about living on the field, the response was...confronting others. This weekend our homework was to ask a friend, family member and significant other how we handle conflict, the affect or impact it has on you and what I could be doing better or differently to handle conflict. A few of you might be getting a call tonight!

We also have been asked to chew on this...maybe you can too!

"What you know about yourself you can change, What you do NOT know about yourself controls you!".

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Amy Ross said...

Good to talk to you, even if it was brief! Praying for you and Levi...that you will be feeling better soon. We really missed seeing you this morning...We love you!!