Friday, June 01, 2007

Midwesterners meet!

Stacey and Amy Flammer

Joe and Amy

Joanna (going to Hungary) & Kristina (going to Romania)

Today has been jammed packed with worship, group exercises, a field trip to Focus on the Family (where the kids recorded their own Adventures in Odyssey CD), personal coaching time, a "community" meeting...where we planned upcoming events like a movie night, a bowling night and a group talent show...then we went to go get ice cream!
That was when the adventure began...

So we were getting ready to go get ice cream and started talking with another couple who are here getting ready to serve in New Zealand as church we were talking, we discovered that Amy is from BLOOMINGTON/NORMAL and went to the same church where I went(Eastview Christian Church) and that I was a youth sponsor when she was in JR. HIGH! Is that too weird or what! The funny thing is, we both felt a connection to each other as soon as we met(must be because we are "normal" HA!)...we also are in the same growth group together! (which is our bible study group) It seems pretty unreal to come all the way to CO for cross-cultural training and run into someone who has some of the same favorite mid-western places as me! It is a little present from the Lord...having a heart connection because you have shared similar experiences and know and love some of the same people. She and her husband Joe, are an awesome couple who really have a contagious energy for the Lord! I have a feeling that our mid-western connection could bond us for life and I look forward with great anticipation to see what the Lord is going to do in New Zealand as a result of their faithfulness!

I wish I could describe our adventure to go get ice we literally went over the river and through the woods...but writing about it won't do it justice! You had to be there to experience the trials of walking 3 miles with the children, crossing railroad tracks and barbed wire least the ice cream was cheap and good! Thanks Joe, for running back to get the car as you sacrificed your sweatshirt and proper digestion of your 18 scoops of ice cream! Something I will always remember and smile when I think about it!


Amy (Hall) Smith said...

We JUST found you all's blog again and I have loved reading up on all the latest changes for you all. Wow! You're already in CO and on your way!! You all will definitely be in our prayers. Matthew gets weepy thinking about his home of Colorado and is so jealous :) And how funny...when I was reading your blog this morning I recognize Joanna Foley in one of the pictures!? She was a friend of mine at Covenant High School in Charlottesville and her dad was my bible teacher and friend as well! Is she going to work with Arden Campbell in Budapest? What a small world :)
Much love,
Amy & Matthew Smith

P.S. Did you guys know we named our son, born in February, Levi? I had forgotten that was your youngest's name as well.

Amy said...

and you cannot forget the fact that her name is AMY just like MINE!! She's going to be a GREAT friend... HA! We love reading and knowing what's going on with you. I check all the time for an update!! Looks like Levi's feeling better?! Love you, XOXOX Amy (Ross :)

Amy said...

Ok, sorry for the double comment, but did Joe have a UVA shirt on???? Samuel noticed the V! Is he from VA?? They're going to be GREAT Friends!

Kim said...

Sounds like a great day! Praying for another great one today. Love,kim

Shannon said...

Yeah, just how much ice cream DID Levi eat? HaHa! Thanks for keeping us updated often. We need our Hunter fixes every day!!! Love you guys. Shannon

Laura said...

Diddo to Shannon...thank you for keeping us updated with all you have going on! We miss and love ya'll!!!