Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A date with Mr. Levi...

I had a date with my Levi today.  We promised him one at Valentine's Day but time sort of got away from us!

He requested waffles and orange juice from Blue Orange

He ate every bite of his waffle and drank every drop of juice, as we talked about our fun summer memories and also how he is getting excited for school to start.  I love how he is growing up and yet is still little enough to be my "little" guy!

then we went across the street to "Made by You" to paint some pottery

the hardest part is always trying to decide what to make

Levi finally decided on a bowl that he could use for cereal, with a bit of coaching from me, as I wanted him to make something that he would actually use (not just another animal that would collect dust on his shelf) :)

He wanted it taped and with lots of colors...

he added a cool pirate on the bottom too... with a gold tooth and water splashes on his face

we head back on Thursday to pick up the finished product...stay tuned

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Before 9 am

Yesterday it was 100 here.  And it felt like it...ugh!  Our apartment felt like an oven.  A hot oven!
Today is supposed to be more of the same, so we got a jump start on some household chores that needed to be done and by 9 we had vacuumed


and baked some goodies for a friend (wow, look at the size of Levi's feet- they are huge..anyway)

and while I am ready to tackle the piles of papers and "stuff" that have accumulated over summer break and re-organize just about every room I can get me hands on... it is just too stinkin hot-

instead I will plop myself in front of this fan- until we meet friends later at the pool!

P.S. The kitchen is closed until further notice- but when it cools off, and "re-opens" I plan on making THESE!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to school!

Last night nerves were getting the best of them, but this morning they were all smiles as they were ready to start their first day!  This is yet another new school for Abby~ but we are thankful that she and Luke can be together and that she has a very nice teacher.

LOTS of nations are represented at their school!

This little guy was just along for the ride~ and is very happy that he doesn't start for a few more weeks! 

and this little gal is sad that summer (aka undivided attention) has come to an end :(

See how they have grown

Friday, August 19, 2011

Locks of Love...

For months now, Abby has been wanting to cut her hair for Locks of Love.  She has known other girls to do it and was excited and motivated by the cause, but also pretty scared.  She had also wanted Memoo to do it with her, but after we researched it, we realized that Memoo couldn't do it because she colored her hair...
but she did the next best thing, she cut it while Memoo was with us on vacation and Memoo will take the ponytail back to the States with her and send it in to LOL.

getting a good shampoo

look at all of that hair!

getting it in a pony

 the BIG cut

and the beautiful end result!  We are so proud of her :)

Moments with Memoo...

On this vacation, we decided that every kiddo got to have a special moment with Memoo...

:: Abby and Memoo swam with the dolphins

:: Luke and Memoo went Parasailing
Getting their instructions

Memoo getting fitted for her gear

Luke's turn now

their parasail

Brad praying for their safety, and Levi thinking that he may not see Memoo alive again :)




They both said the view was of course spectacular...and I wish you all could have seen Memoo's arms flapping like a bird, pretending she was flying!  It was too funny :)

and here they landed safely after about 15 minutes in the air

Look at their smiles!

:: Now it's Levi's turn!  He and Memoo went jet-skiing

and they are off... quite slow at first, but once he got the hang of it, he was willing to go much faster

more smiles, more fun and more great memories!  Thanks for being such a good sport Memoo! :)

Malta- Days 6, 7 & 8

Days 6, 7 & 8 in Malta were more of the same as the previous days~ sunny, hot, full of swimming and fun :)
Here are some of my favorite shots from our last few days there...

:: the kiddos at the Blue Lagoon

:: Mdina

:: glass made in Mdina

:: sweet treats

:: "Cami/ Yellow/ Camantha" the chameleon we found out by the pool

:: Golden Bay Beach

:: hot date on our anniversary

:: sea wall at Golden Bay

:: going for a ride

Our Malta vacation has come to an end... but the memories we made there will last a lifetime