Friday, August 19, 2011

Moments with Memoo...

On this vacation, we decided that every kiddo got to have a special moment with Memoo...

:: Abby and Memoo swam with the dolphins

:: Luke and Memoo went Parasailing
Getting their instructions

Memoo getting fitted for her gear

Luke's turn now

their parasail

Brad praying for their safety, and Levi thinking that he may not see Memoo alive again :)




They both said the view was of course spectacular...and I wish you all could have seen Memoo's arms flapping like a bird, pretending she was flying!  It was too funny :)

and here they landed safely after about 15 minutes in the air

Look at their smiles!

:: Now it's Levi's turn!  He and Memoo went jet-skiing

and they are off... quite slow at first, but once he got the hang of it, he was willing to go much faster

more smiles, more fun and more great memories!  Thanks for being such a good sport Memoo! :)


melissa said...

what a grandma - that is AWESOME!

Carolyn Stonehouse said...

Um...can Memoo come on OUR next vacation?! These pics (and the haircut ones) were AWESOME!

leslie.kidd said...

Wow! So fun that Memoo got to do special things with all the kiddos! Quite jealous!

Marla and Rob said...

So sweet!! what precious memories for each of them!! Good job, Memoo!!