Friday, August 05, 2011

In recent days...

It is always hard to catch up when I fall this far behind with the blog, but here are some of the things we have been up to in recent days...
:: we took our family, team and interns to Schladming for a Sonship retreat

:: Jeff led the lessons, and Ewan got to pal around with Levi

:: Lindsay and the interns

:: on the retreat, we also made time to check out the beauty around us

:: and ride down a mountain on go-carts!  So fun!!!

then we came home, un-packed, did some laundry, had a game night at NCW  (I forgot to bring my handy dandy camera) and Abby and I packed up again to head off to horse camp...

:: She had a good few days with her friends and the horses, but then she was ready to come home :)

so we came home again, did more unpacking and some more laundry, and then last night we had a dessert night that the interns hosted...

here are a few pictures from the "making Apfel Strudel demonstration"

:: the finished Strudel with vanilla sauce! Delish!

and even now, the laundry continues as we prepare for our family vacation to Malta with Memoo on Tuesday :)  It has certainly been a few fun and busy weeks~ but we are ready to have some down time.

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leslie.kidd said...

Wow, ya'll have been BUSY! Go karting down a mountain sounds fun and yet so scary! :)