Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Sign ::  We have been in our new facility since July, but we just got our new sign up out front.  Looks good right! (Thanks Daniel!)

An Open House :: Last Sunday, we had an Open House to invite our friends and neighbors to come and check out our new facility.  Unfortunately, I didn't get one photo from the evening, but there were so many people there to support us, that I wouldn't of had time to snap any shots anyway!  We were so encouraged by the turnout and thankful for everyone's willingness to serve and bring food.

Haircut ::  I am not good about keeping up with my hair.  My last haircut before today was in May, when I was back in the States to check in on my mom.  I needed to find a good stylist and I think I finally found someone!   She is a young woman who grew up in Vienna, but she is of Scottish/Persian descent.  Her English had the coolest accent, and it really was fun hearing parts of her story as a third culture kid.  And the best thing is, she gave me a great haircut and color!  Hooray for the little things :)

Pumpkin recipe ::  This recipe for Pumpkin Crumb Cake I found on Pinterest, after my friend Melissa pinned it.  It is a new favorite for sure!

Books ::  I just received some new books that I can't wait to start reading over our Fall Break!
 Interrupted, by Jen Hatmaker
Perfectly Unique, by Annie F. Downs
Graceful, by Emily P. Freeman

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Recent Days...

:: We took a day trip to Salzburg to visit with one of Brad's college roommates
:: Our bosses came to Vienna for a few days of meetings
:: My mom sent doughnut pans and we made THESE
:: Luke and Abby have had LOTS of soccer games
:: We have had our share of candy corn and peanuts...salty and sweet is a fantastic combo
:: Abby is in the middle school musical, and has been singing around the house non-stop :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Salad that 2 of my kiddos will eat...

This is a delicious salad that 2 of my kiddos will eat! (2 out of 3 is success in my book)

It is called  Chinese Cabbage Salad and you can find the recipe HERE
I also grate a few carrots and add them to the cabbage and green onions, and I usually serve it with some Honey Teriyaki Chicken


Saturday, October 06, 2012


Every Fall for the last 4 years, our church family and friends go to Apfel-Hof!  It is a wonderful time of picking apples, roasting meats and potatoes, tractor rides, pumpkin-pickin, s'mores makin and just plain FUN!

I'll let the photos tell the stories of the fun we have had over the years...

Click on the year to see more photos...
2010 (I don't have photos of this year, as we were in the States- but I know fun was had :)