Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Recent Days...

:: We took a day trip to Salzburg to visit with one of Brad's college roommates
:: Our bosses came to Vienna for a few days of meetings
:: My mom sent doughnut pans and we made THESE
:: Luke and Abby have had LOTS of soccer games
:: We have had our share of candy corn and peanuts...salty and sweet is a fantastic combo
:: Abby is in the middle school musical, and has been singing around the house non-stop :)


leslie.kidd said...

Doughnut pan?! Fun ... we should make some together! :D

Anonymous said...

Who ate the white end off ALL the candy corn? Looks like you are ready for falling temps and leaves.
<3 Love you!

Shannon said...

Why would you DO THAT to those poor candy corns??? Get those peanuts OUT!!!! :)