Friday, June 22, 2007

We leave tomorrow!

It's hard to believe that we leave tomorrow! We have been so encouraged by your phone calls, e-mails and packages as we prepare to depart! Today we spent the day at World Harvest, wrapping up all of our last minute paperwork etc. The sending center also prayed for us. Our teammates, Jeff and Jodie also came through and it was great to share some pizza together...if only for a few minutes!:) The next time we write will be from Vienna! Tschuess! (Which is bye!)

Josh,Sandy,Emily and Meredith Elder (our boss)

The McMullens and Hunters

Monica watched our rugrats today while we were in meetings! Thanks!

These are some photos from our family vacation:
The kids at the Air Force Academy Chapel

Levi playing with his new dinosaurs

Abby admiring her stones that she got at the museum

Luke at the Dinosaur Museum

the kids on the porch of our cabin in the mountains of CO


Amy Ross said...

Our prayers will be with you as you fly tomorrow. I can't believe it is already here! I hope you got the scrapbook pages from WHM! Finally I can tell my kids that you ARE going to Austria. They've been arguing about the exact location of the Hunter Clan! Love you! (I just put a new post on my blog... I think we were blogging at the same time! Ha, ha!)

Lori said...

Hey Brad & Stacy, Looks like you've had a full and good week!

PILAT is great! But so different from SPLICE. Different people, different atmosphere, fewer people who understand when we do the "tension tango"! (BTW - No baby news from Robin yet) Blessings on your travels!
Can't wait to see photos and hear stories from Vienna!

jokfoley said...

1..2...3.. Wake up Jeff!!

i want to play with dinosaurs and cool rocks!!

praying for yall!

Shannon said...

We are so excited. Will pray for your flight! Please post an address we can send stuff to in Vienna when you get it. We love you.

Coleman just said, "I think I like Abby" uh - not sure exactly what that means, but he followed it by saying "I like Dylan, he's cute too" (Dylan is my friend Lauren's puppy!)

Have a great flight and post again soon. We are anxious for news!

Monica said...

Can't wait to read your next post!

Kim said...

We are praying for you and we love you! Can't wait to hear about your journey to Vienna! Love,kim

Kristina said...
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Kristina said...

Hello Dear Hunters!
I want you to know that I miss your beautiful faces here at MTI! I hope that you had a great family vacation! I am praying for you as you fly out to Vienna today! Blessings Kristina :)