Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What a day!

Brad headed off to the University of Wien first thing this morning. He ended up meeting with two more people who were very helpful...but he still has a few more hurdles to jump over...and many of the administrators and staff are on vacation most of July. He was told not to be in a hurry, as classes don't begin until Oct. Easier said than done I suppose. Keep praying!

Along with two parks, the kids and I also went to a local pet store. It was fun to hear Luke interact with the clerk and ask "Was ist das?", as he was looking at the fish. He can't wait to get an aquarium once we find our own place. These are chinchillas...Brad wanted me to take a picture for Uncle Rick in honor of their time in Italy in '92.

This is an image that we see everyday on public transportation...you should give your seat up to those who have small children, who are pregnant, disabled or elderly. Luke of course jumps at the chance to give up his seat and hold on instead.

Brad and the kids at the Schoenbrunn Palace

The kids and I at Schoenbrunn

Brad enjoying a Kebab at the Naschmarkt

We ended the day with a game of "memory"...but not just plain ol' memory...we had to name the animals in German!

As you can see, today was a busy day. Tomorrow we plan on seeing the schools that the kids will attend next year and next week we plan on starting the hunt for an apartment.


Lyn said...

It was good to see Abby's familiar purple jammies & wet shampooed hair.
Love, Neena

Lori said...

Love the palace pictures! It was fun to say, "Hey! I've been there!" The Public transportation sign is very similar to those in Japan! Happy subway surfing Luke!


Kim said...

I loved the picture of Brad attacking the kebab. We can't wait to see all those sights with you guys as our tour guides! Love, kim

Amy Ross said...

Lecker...(isn't that the word for delicious?? I can't remember!) Are your kids enjoying the food? I can see Luke in the store now praciticing his German...what a cutie!! Love you.

The Millers said...

We are glad to see that you made it safe and sound! We are thinking of you!
Kenny and Julia

Jeff and Jodie said...

I need a KEBAB!!! Please send on ASAP!!!