Wednesday, June 27, 2007

VBS-Vienna Bilingual School

We visited Luke and Abby's school today, met their future teachers, and we have some encouraging news on 2 fronts--

ONE spot for the bilingual 1st grade class opened up for Abby...TODAY!
So Luke AND Abby will both be in bilingual class, with school starting September 3. Luke & I will go back to the school tomorrow to see the school's year-end program & 4th grade graduation (primary school is 1st-4th grades), and then go again on Friday for official registration and evaluation.

Add to that that the Direktorin (Principal) of the school is a believer, and she attends the same church that we are attending. God is faithful.

I finally figured out how to work the washing I tried to get caught up

Levi lounging in his stroller on the Strassenbahn

This is the favorite slide of the children

Luke and Abby enjoy the spinny thing at a local park. While at the park, I can't help but notice that the face of Vienna has changed dramatically since I lived here 11-12 years ago...the literal faces, that is. Luke, Stacey and I had a good talk about the nations and religions even represented in this little park (as you can see in the background), and how desperately this city needs Jesus.

Daddy got Eisspaghetti (Spaghetti Ice Cream--vanilla ice cream pushed through a press to look like noodles, topped with strawberry sauce and crunchy nuts)

Levi eating his "Smurf" ice cream

Luke enjoying his sundae

I don't know if the reality of everything has started to hit the children a little more, or if they are just tired from all that we have been doing, but they definitely are struggling with melt-downs a little more today. To encourage and comfort them, we have been memorizing Psalm 139 and have been talking about how Jesus left the comforts of his home in heaven. Please continue to pray for how we can minister to their sensitive hearts.


domandkat said...

Those women at the park - do they belong to the men who are wearing Speedos at the beach?


Amy Ross said...

Wonderful news about Abby!!! We're really enjoying seeing all that you are up to! The boys want to check your blog everyday!!

Joey said...

Hey guys, I am glad to see that you are doing well. WE are back in Bloomington at Amy's house, not nearly as exciting as being in Vienna and eating spaghetti ice cream. I am glad to see that you followed Robin's advice to go to the park when you got to Austria. Good family. We are praying for you daily.
-Joe Flammer

Alisha said...

Hi Brad and Stacey, It's good to see you made it to Vienna safely and are getting settled. We're leaving the States on Saturday and will arrive in Vienna on Sunday morning. It's exciting to read about your first week while we're getting prepared for the same thing!

Jeff and Jodie said...

I'm glad to see you guys aren't going hungry over there. Or maybe ice cream and kabobs are all you've eaten? One of my fears has been confirmed - no clothes dryers it seems, hmmmm.....

Great news about the school! I of course have great interest in that topic. And I'll be praying for the kids. I'm sure it's hard. We love them.

Lori said...

Looks like you have your own little Rock House in Vienna!
Yeah, for Abby's school entrance!
We're on our last day of PILAT and go home tomorrow! The kids will be interested to know that we saw a black bear on the way to Palmer Lake! A dog chased it up a tree. I'll try to post a photo on the blog. (but be prepared - it just looks like a big black blob!)

Monica said...

so great to see you guys in Vienna. It's so much more a reality. When you get a chance, do you mind emailing me the full size pic of me and Abby? Thanks!