Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We made it to Colorado!

The day has finally come! After literally years of preparation, we finally are on our way to Vienna. No more house, no more cars, no more stuff (except what is in our suitcases) Feels very weird! Exciting, crazy and terrifying too! Many of you have walked beside us on this journey, and we are thankful for you! Yesterday, our church had a commissioning service for us. It was absolutely beautiful. We have been so well loved! Thank you for your prayers, gifts, food, scrapbooks and tributes! It was so very moving. I didn't know I could cry so hard and for so long! My nose is still raw from blowing it so many times yesterday! It is a day we will forever hold in our hearts! It was very hard to say "goodbye"...but now we look forward to this new adventure!
So we tearfully said our goodbyes to the moms this morning...and we took off for Colorado Springs with about 14 bags! Gordon Woolard needed the church van to get us AND our bags to the airport! Thanks Gordon! We appreciate all that you and Marilyn have done for us! :)

We really had an unbelievably good day of traveling! The kids did great, all of our luggage made it, and the flights were smooth! We really felt and appreciated your prayers today! A big thank you to everyone who lifted us up!
Here is a shot of Abby checking out the view of Pike's Peak from the airport window. The kids can't believe there is snow on top of it!

It just happened to work out perfectly, that my Aunt Norma and Uncle Roger (from California) were in town visiting my cousin Karl. We hadn't seen them since Brad and I got married almost 10 years ago! Now Karl is a grown man with more facial hair than my dear husband! Wow time flies!

We had a great picnic dinner at a beautiful park, and the kids got to burn off some energy too! It was great catching up!
Levi fell asleep right after we left the parking lot of the park! He definitely was worn out...notice the drool on the seatbelt! We all are pretty worn out, so I will say goodnight for now and will do my best to keep you updated while we are at MTI. If you want to touch base with us...you can reach us on the same cell numbers that we had in FL! Love to you all!


Jeff and Jodie said...

I just got the chills... I can imagine your anticipation of what's ahead! so glad you made it out there smoothly. Love you guys!

Kim said...

So glad you made it there safe and sound. We miss you and we love you!! Love, kim

Amy said...

Where did the last few months go?? I can't believe you are right on the verge of being in Vienna. And I can't believe we missed Sunday. We've been praying and still crying....and we're still sick. One day we'll be better and one day I'll look at your blog without crying, right??