Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More from CO

Good morning...or afternoon...or something! With this time difference, I can't seem to get it together! We had a relaxing morning here at the Best Western. We slept in until 7 (CO time) which was pretty good, then we enjoyed a complimentary bowl of Lucky Charms and then we were off to run and play in the strip of grass on the side of the Best Western parking lot. Doesn't take much to make the kids happy these days! We had fun races and then everyone was complaining of being cold! It is in the high 50's maybe low 60's...beautiful actually! So then the kids and Brad were off to to indoor pool to frolic while I rearranged all of the suitcases for the 20th time...so we could at least have a walking path! There is stuff everywhere...but I can't find anything! Ever felt like that!:)
The kids are really doing well...aside from the fact that Abby is missing the luxury of a fridge and is wanting some salami of all things! We are ordering Chinese for lunch...so that should make her happy. Without a car and no places within walking distance...we'll have to suck it up and order something! Ha!
Thought I might give you all the website of where we are heading this afternoon, so you can check it out:
www.MTI.org. The kids are curious as to what to expect, and so are we. We do know that there are 30 kids in this group and 28 adults. I'll try to write more about the specifics tomorrow...but the website should be helpful!

I'll close with a few little travel tips that have helped us already...
1. Put drawstring/elastic waistband pants on all of the kids while traveling. (Makes for easier up and down in an airplane bathroom!)

2. Splurge on the personal DVD player. We put two headsets in one and it worked great! (Our kids have loved Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes)

3. Everybody has the same waterbottle...but with their name in a place on it that is visible! They are in charge of their own drinks and we have been going on ''ice runs" to the ice machine!

4. Bring lots of lotions and vaseline when traveling to CO. It really is dry out here! (thanks for the tip Joanna!) Mom, you would be proud...I am shoving vaseline up my nose just like you....who'd a thought!

5. When in doubt, put it in a Ziploc! They really are my best friend! You never know when something might spill!

6. If at all possible bring your own pillows! We basically brought an entire suitcase of pillows for everyone, but we slept really well as a result of doing that!

7. Crocs are the perfect travel shoe!

8. Bring snacks...lots of snacks!

9. Whenever possible..keep your sense of humor!


Shannon said...

Oh, Stacey, you are quickly becoming a pro! I am so excited fo you guys and I know you're off to a great start on this amazing adventure. We love you and are ready for your arrival in our time zone (or closer to it, anyway!)- sooner than you know it! Love, Shannon

Kim said...

Good tips!! I'm anxious to check out that website. We're praying for you. Hope you have a great day today. Love,kim