Friday, May 04, 2007

Isaiah 41:10

For the last few weeks, this verse has been posted to my bathroom mirror. When I have been overwhelmed, fearful, exhausted and doubting it has been a great reminder that it is the Lord who is with me-who will strengthen me-help me and uphold me. We have felt your prayers for our family and God has done some mighty and exciting things during these last few days! (We will be writing more on this in an upcoming prayer update, so stay tuned!)

On Monday and Tuesday, the last boxes were packed and put into storage until we get the proper paperwork for our visas. Our last night in the house, we sat around the kitchen table with the kids and the grandmas reminiscing about all the fun and not so fun times at the house! We laughed and cried and rejoiced over those special memories that will live forever in our hearts...and when we forget, I have vowed to make a "Florida Favorites" book of pictures and stories of our time in Florida. ( We'll see if it gets done before we leave! ) We are living with the Glam Grams until we leave for training in Colorado on May 28th.

Many of you have asked about an update on Abby's schooling situation. As of now, she got the last spot in the German speaking only class, and is on the waiting list for the bi-lingual class if a spot opens up. We were told that her teacher speaks very good English and that she would be able to help Abby during this time of transition. We are very thankful for this and trusting that God has what is best for our Abby girl.

The kids are being troopers, sleeping in the same room together and adjusting to where to find their underwear, now that everything is displaced. Overall, things are going great and they are enjoying time with Neena and Memoo. Life isn't too bad here as MeMoo has taught Levi how to heat up his blanket in the dryer...all by himself!

Brad is already missing his fruit plantation, but his mom is keeping him busy with a "to do list" before we leave. We have heard back from the University of Wien, basically asking us to be patient, as registration for the summer is just beginning...and the woman assigned to us is now on vacation until May 21st. I think there will be a few more hoops to jump through than we first expected...please keep praying and checking in on us! We have appreciated all of the encouragement many of you have sent our way!


Kim said...

Great to see you posting! I need to be reminded of Isaiah 41:10 more often. I am amazed at your strength and I know it is all God-given. We look forward to the sweet moments we'll have with you guys in the next month. Love, kim

Amy said...

If you don't get your visas, Brad can always come work for Southern Tropical!! Ha!
Seriously, why is it that I can trust and know that God will be with others, but not myself in our situation???? I echo Kim's comment on the fact that your family is such a good example of abiding and trusting in Christ.
We had fun this morning!

Laura said...

dido to what they both said! Love you guys!!!

Amy said...

Still waiting for the You Tube of Brad's dance recital...