Sunday, November 29, 2009


Today is the beginning of the Advent season. As this season tends to be so busy and filled with distractions, we as a family are trying to make a concerted effort to focus on Christ.

Advent calendars and wreaths are very popular in Austria, so for our evening family worship times we are going to use a combination of the two. We will light our wreath at dinner and then for our devotions, I printed out scripture verses that remind us of the real reason of Christmas and put it in our little tree with boxes. You could also just break down the Christmas story taken from Luke 1-2. (I adapted this from an Advent chain idea found HERE and HERE)

Then after worship, the kids will get to have a small treat from the numbered stockings, counting down the days until Christmas.

Our family also has really enjoyed reading Mary's First Christmas, by Walter Wangerin Jr. and The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey, by Susan Wojciechowski in years past.

What are some of the things your family does to celebrate the Christmas season?


Kim said...

I love it! Matt and I were just looking online for something to do for advent...and I think we're going to use the paper chain idea. Thanks! :)

Lyn said...

Hey, what happened to the "LONE" sign? :)