Thursday, December 10, 2009

Easy Ornament

Yesterday, Abby came home from school saying that she made a really cool Christmas ornament and wanted to show me how...

She said all we needed were:
*a few candles
*a cookie cutter
*a bowl with water
*a needle
*thin string or dental floss

First you fill the bowl with water and place your cookie cutter inside of it, then you light the candle and watch the wax drip and fill the cookie cutter shape. Drip the wax until the shape desired is filled. Once cooled, press out of the mold. Then put a needle in a flame to get hot and then stick in the top of the ornament to make a hole. Add string or dental floss. How easy is that!!!

To do this craft, please watch your child obviously fire can be very dangerous :)

Fire+Craft=Very Happy Girl


Shannon said...

That looks so easy! And cute. Just like Abber! Your package is en route. Hope you don't mind that I didn't wrap anything, but I'm sure you'll figure out what goes to who. :)

Lyn said...

yeh, mommy's gotta wrap all the ones from us, too. :)