Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What we have going on...

As per usual, we have been pretty busy with life...  Here's the latest

*Abby left for a school trip yesterday, and will be with her class just outside of Vienna for the next few days.  She was so excited that she packed her suitcase on Saturday!

*Luke has a big party today at school, even though they don't actually finish until Friday.  He requested I make a big batch of these for him to share with his classmates.

*Milka escaped out of the front door yesterday and then continued on down to our local grocery store.  Thankfully a man called the number on her tags and Brad was able to track her down in the produce isle.

Not so funny at first, but now that she is ok we all are sort of smiling :)

*We are gearing up for our Fourth of July party on Sunday!  Memoo sent a big box of decorations, we are going to grill and serve up some apple pie.  Lindsay is also going to make something that looks like this !

 *Next week is our English camp!  We have 36 kiddos signed up.  On Friday, 3 of the Prague interns will be joining us to help out.  It is a lot of work, but also lots of fun!

*Our team is reading through "A Praying Life" (you should read it too)

*I got a pretty cool shot of Levi last night!

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