Sunday, December 05, 2010

It's really December already?

Really?  How did the first week of December already fly by?

One of the reasons it has probably gone so fast, is that Brad is back in Vienna until next week.  He and Lindsay are helping our new teammates, the Beilman's get settled. He has also been able to catch up with some of our friends and neighbors, play in some snow and preach 2 Sundays at NCW!

This weekend our kiddos had the opportunity to sing in St.Andrews' Christmas concert.  Brad's mom (Neena) had been in the choir for years, and this was one of her favorite concerts to participate in.  It was a little bittersweet to watch the kids perform without her.  I am sure these next few weeks will only bring more moments of sadness as we celebrate our first Christmas without her.

We also are preparing to start saying our goodbyes, as we get ready to return to Vienna in January. Our next few weeks are filled with lots of dinners and parties, and even though they will be lots of fun, our kids will be saying goodbye to their classmates and teachers that they have spent the last 5 months with.
We are so proud of them and their willingness to jump into life here!  All of their teachers have expressed to us what a joy they have been in their classes, and how much they will be missed.

Still,  as much as we will hate saying goodbye to our family and friends~ we all are ready to get back to our life and ministry in Vienna!  We have needed to be here and our time has been productive, but we are ready to get back to our "normal" routine. (whatever "normal" means...Ha!)

Our plan is to head to North Carolina with our family for a few weeks once the kids are out of school, then we will return to Florida for one more week, before we depart on January 13th.

If you are wanting an address to send a Christmas card to, your best bet is :
St. Andrews Pres. Church
500 North Park Road
Hollywood, FL
(please be sure to write on the envelope Att. Hunter Family)

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melissa said...

I like the red color for your blog! looks great! :)

Hope that your goodbyes are meaningful and that you have a very merry Christmas! see you on this side of the ocean in January. :)