Saturday, January 15, 2011

Celebrating Levi!

We returned back to Vienna safe and sound, but not without having a few birthday celebrations for Levi in the States first!
Here is Levi and his buddy Ethan, who also turned 7 this week!  We hung out at the park, ate cupcakes and played an exciting game of kick-ball :)  Oh yeah baby!
Another celebration took place at Rainforest Cafe.  This was our last night in FL, so we celebrated with Memoo and Cha Cha the tree frog...
He was in shock when the cake came to our table...but shock turned into pure delight

Then this afternoon our neighbors invited us over for Sacher Torte
(if in Vienna, ask me to take you to Gritt's place, cause she makes the best Sacher ever!)

Tomorrow is his actual 7th birthday and we will continue the celebrating with even more cake and a big pan of lasagna...per his request!


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Marla and Rob said...

Wow!! 7!! I can hardly believe it - where has the time gone?? Happy Birthday, Levi! Glad to hear you are back home safe and sound. Enjoy the rest of the celebration:).