Thursday, February 10, 2011

Painting Projects...Work and Play

Work ::
I don't know if it was so smart to begin some painting projects while the kiddos are off of school for a week...but we did it anyway

see the mess!... this was an office, that we are transforming into a new space that has yet to be defined :)
(stay tuned and we will hopefully show you the finished product)

Here is Abby working her magic with a roller...

Play ::

If "crafting" were a love language, it would be Abby's :)

We took a break from the painting at home, to spend some time with our new friend, Lillian.
 Made by You was the perfect place to hang out and make something fun!  Lillian painted a mug for tea, while Abby painted a cup used to hold eggs.


Joanna said...

she needs to visit me for a craft extravaganza.. you know I LOVE THEM ;) I have all my stamping stuff plus glitter galore and fun scissors..I should teach her how to knit too ;)

miss you.

Brad & Stacey said...

How about I send her to Budapest to help you out while you are in your crippled state :)
miss you too!