Sunday, March 13, 2011

Scenes from the weekend...

Our weekend started by welcoming Abby back home from her ski trip (in one piece I might add)
and then we were off to Luke's school for their International Family Night.  I asked Luke what he wanted me to make, as we were supposed to bring foods that represented our home country.  Can you believe he wanted cornbread! :)  So we made cornbread muffins, paired with some chili.  Pretty American, don't you think?
Can you find me serving up the chili to the masses...

Along with bringing food, you could also wear traditional clothing. 
Here is our good friend, Whitney representing her home State~

that shirt speaks volumes doesn't it?

Levi was invited to a fun birthday party
and Luke sat around the house, continuing to let his leg heal
the highest point in this picture is his knee, and that big colored bump is the hematoma that is continuing to stick around.  If it is not significantly decreased in size by Thursdsay, then they are talking about having to aspirate that fluid from it. ouch!  Please pray that the swelling continues to go down.

And as per usual on Saturday, I did some grocery shopping.  See me with my granny cart...
(I thought my shadow looked pretty cool...)

We started off the day right with cinnamon rolls
Levi was certainly excited!
After breakfast, Luke continued to work on all of the schoolwork he has to make up

Milka lounged on the couch
Levi worked on a puzzle
and Abby played with her dolls

then since the weather was so nice, Brad put the kiddos to work on the terrace...trying to get it ready for Spring...which is coming by the way!

A lovely weekend of playing, working and resting and now we are off to church!

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That shirt is AWESOME!