Monday, July 18, 2011


We have lived in Vienna for 4 years now, and yesterday was the first time we checked out this massive island to swim on...what took us so long?  Who knows. But I am glad we know how to get there now...because it is awesome!
Here we are trying to figure out where to many options and we only paid 9 Euros to get in...yep-for all of us total!
we passed folks playing chess

folks playing volleyball
folks playing mini-golf
but we finally settled here, so the kids could do this...
and when they had enough of jumping off of the dock, we headed here
and unlike in the States, there was no one at the top regulating when a person could go~
so the kiddos took full advantage of holding each other's feet and crashing into one another :)

and we ended our time there with a few minutes on the trampoline!


Alli said...

Oooh maybe I'll go here on Sat w/some of the girls!!!

Dede Hunter said...

AMAZING! It looks like so much fun!!!!

Marilyn Woolard said...

How cool! Gordon's trying to see how going there can be part of the next missions trip!

Shannon said...

That is awesome!!! I was just looking at the pics of Coleman's first time in your pool - when he screeched the whole time, haha! I bet he'd LOVE this place!