Sunday, January 22, 2012


We have lived in Vienna for almost 5 years now, and Abby and Magdalena met the first week of first grade.  Even though Abby has had 2 new schools since then, we have continued to remain friends with their family.  The girls have taken horseback riding classes together, Turnen classes- which are a bit like gymnastics, and for the last 3 years we have had season tickets to the "Kinder Theater".  The girls really have a good time together, and we really enjoy spending time together as families.

Every winter for the past few years, we have talked about going skiing together, but it has never worked out... until this weekend.  And wow, we were so glad it did!

Here we are all packed up and excited to head out!  We took off for Steiermark (which is about a 2 hour drive) and met up with the Dorfers for dinner.  It was pretty funny that in the small town we tried to eat dinner in, we were turned away by 2 restaurants because we were too big of a group.  Finally we ate a good dinner and then we headed to our hostel.  The next morning we awoke to newly fallen SNOW...

Truly a Winter Wonderland!

We went skiing at Lachtal.  The weather was perfect, the slopes were great and it was so fun to watch our kiddos keep up with their Austrian friends!  And I thankfully survived :)

After we finished skiing, a front moved in and it started to snow again...

The kiddos loved it and played the rest of the afternoon outside...
Here is Luke trying to dig a tunnel

Here are all of the kiddos sledding back at Magdalena's place

And we ended the fantastic day with Raclette!
We all hope we can do it again next year!


leslie.kidd said...

Looks like you had a great time ... how fun that you had fresh snow!

Alli said...

aww so good to see Magdalena! Glad you guys had fun :)