Monday, January 22, 2007

Day of Firsts

Abby came home from school and discovered I had washed all of Levi's "big boy" underwear. She thought it would be so cool if he would put a pair on...(even though he is NO where near ready to wear them) she managed to convince him to put them on for the first time. He was walking around proudly in his "big boy" pants for about 45 minutes and then this...

Luke also experienced a first today. He started baseball. Did pretty well--slugged two out of four pitches out of the infield. He had a little trouble running the bases, as he forgot to actually touch them. oops! Hopefully this will be good exposure to team sports and I'm sure he'll be in the running for "most improved" by the end of the season! ;)

Abby has her first show and tell tomorrow at school. She is so excited about starting softball that she is taking her glove and cleats.

And last, but certainly not least, this afternoon was my first Pimsleur German lesson. Brad has been saying forever that he thinks it is one of the best language learning programs out there...this coming from a guy who really likes languages. They use repetition to drill it into your brain. I actually found myself enjoying it. I know, pretty amazing. It also brought joy to my heart listening to Abby repeat along with me (with better pronunciation than me I might add!)


Shannon said...

In about 10 years Levi is going to really not like you....Poor little dude....hahahahahahahaha!!!

Brad & Stacey said...

I'm sure you'll be able to torture Coleman in some way too!:)

Where is he in the potty training adventure?