Tuesday, January 30, 2007

He is preparing all of us...

We started our day with the temperatures in the 50's...which to our kids is cold. Abby is grumbling about how cold she is and as I am helping her get dressed for school she suddenly stops, gets a huge smile on her face and says..."When we move to Austria I'm going to get used to the cold, right Mom?" and "When we come back to FL I won't like being hot anymore, will I?" I just smiled and said that that is probably very true.

Then, afterschool I went to run a few errands with all THREE children...always loads of fun. After much bickering about nothing, when we got home everyone had to do "room" time by themselves. Our bedroom is closest to Abby's and as I was folding the mountain of clean clothes that is scattered across our bed, I can hear a sweet little voice saying..."Oh Ja"..."Nein, Danke" and "Bitte" basically over and over. Abby was playing with her dolls, using the only German she really knows. Too cute!

And it is probably not just a coincidence that Luke's closest friends are very ethnically diverse. At his birthday party alone, 6 different nationalities were represented. A picture of what his class could look like in Vienna.

I know God has been preparing Brad and me over these last few months and years for our journey to Vienna...but He is also graciously preparing the hearts of our children to love the country, the language and ultimately the people who are different than them. I am so thankful for how He is leading all of us.

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