Monday, March 24, 2008

What we did on our Easter Break...

watched the sawdust fly as Brad turned into "Tim the Toolman"

built a coffee-snob bar with a leftover IKEA cabinet door

built the boys a new bookshelf (in PJ's...we spent a lot of time in PJ's)

played dinosaurs (in PJ's)

played grocery store (in PJ's)
read the Easter story (in our PJ's..are you starting to notice a theme?)

had time with long lost friends (not in PJ's)...story to follow on another post

enjoyed candy...

and of course ate delicious carrot cake...


Teresa said...

What a sweet picture of Levi with his dinosaur's! You are quite the photographer Stacey!
Happy Easter!!

Amy Ross said...

Did you make that carrot cake??? If so, you need to post the recipe.

And is that a palm in the background on that picture of the store-playing?? Is it real?

And, James wanted to know if (1) the Cates were going to come back from Vienna or if they were moving there too. In his own words, "Are all my buddies moving to Austria?" and (2)Could Levi come back with them so we could have a sleepover with him?

We'll have to have one HUGE sleepover in NC one day...