Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More of Milka...

Many of you have asked for some more specifics on here goes.

Milka is a girl dog, who was born September 19th in Germany. (We had to go to Germany, because we couldn't find any reputable breeders of CKCS in Austria which had puppies at this time.)

She loves to sleep, eat, play with her toys , give sweet puppy kisses and leave a few tootsie rolls around every once in awhile! Still for only being 12 weeks old, she is very good about going potty outside and sleeping through the night without any accidents!

Why do you want a dog?

Our kiddos have been asking for a dog for quite some time. We told them that once we got "settled" and felt more rooted in Vienna, then we would consider it. They also have done so good with all of the changes and transition, that we thought it would be great reward! Another plus, is that dogs are VERY well loved in Vienna. They can go into restaurants, ride public transportation and even hang out in the malls! So far, EVERY time I have taken Milka outside I am stopped and asked questions about her...

Why a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

Several years ago, Brad and I were on a flight with a woman who had this type of dog and it was the calmest dog I had ever seen and it was pretty cute too :)...I told Brad that if we ever got a dog again, that I would want one like that. Plus, with all of our research and living in an apartment, we knew we needed a small dog, who was good with children.

Who named her...Milka Joy Chili Pepper Hunter?

We definitely all threw our ideas in the pot, but eventually Brad's suggestion of Milka won. It is a yummy brand of chocolate made here in Austria. Joy came from Levi, and we all agreed that she would probably bring much joy to our family! Chili Pepper was the name given to her by the breeder, since she was a little more "spicy" and adventurous than her brothers and sisters. At first we didn't see the "spicy"side of her...but now she is feeling comfortable enough to show all of her sides! Here she is getting the best of a rope...

Here she is attacking her stuffed turtle...
And here she is running from the scene of the crime...see that tree skirt???? It is supposed to be around the tree!
Still, spicy or not...I could look at this face all day long!

So besides having fun with Milka, what else have we been up to?

*A belated Thanksgiving Feast with friends
*A Block class for Brad, which means he goes everyday, all day this week
*Dancing classes, as we have already been invited to 2 balls!
*Getting ready for our Christmas Party on Sunday
*Still meeting with my German tutor once a week...and probably will be until I die
*and last but not least, trying to get ready for Christmas and for Jeff and Jodie's arrival on Monday!!!! Hooray for teammates!


Amy Ross said...

We are praying for you!!! I know you are super busy, but I'd love to talk soon! I should have called you this morning (Bennett was up at 4 throwing up and I couldn't go back to sleep...) Anyway, your little Milka is super sweet. We sure are missing you!

Kim said...

Wow! She is so cute! I am so excited for you guys! Let's talk when you get a,kim

Brian and Wesley said...

She is so sweet! We (and by "we" I mean all of us except Brian) have been really thinking about getting a new dog, and this post makes us want one even more!! Enjoy her. :)