Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Signs of Growth

This week has been one of those times that you reflect on how much your child has grown right before your eyes.

1. Luke asked yesterday if he could ride home on public transportation...3 different trams mind you. He even figured out to get off a stop early and walk home because the tram wasn't going to stop at our station for some reason.

2. Luke's coach asked him if he would like to play goalie for his school's soccer team, because he was one of the 2 best goalies in tryouts. And tonight he started playing football (yes American football), and in practice threw a touchdown pass.

3. On the way home, Luke told me (Dad) about 2 classmates, both of whom are his friends, who don't like each other because of their respective religions and the historical strife between their two countries of origin. Luke really wants to be a peacemaker here.

Pray for our Luke to grow to be a strong, humble, peacemaking leader.


Joe and Amy said...

Awesome! Luke is such an amazing young man! We love him and talk about him often! We will never forget the tour he gave us. We will pray for him as he continues to grow into a man of God...and for you guys to help him navigate his journey!

Jen said...

wow - just warms my heart to hear!

Joanna said...

this is a great post. Luke has a huge heart. There is a monopoly game that is new.. and everytime i see a commercial for it i think about him ;) and all the games I played in Wien ;)

Grace said...

I'm impressed by his directional abilities! I would probably get lost if I had to switch Strassenbahns that many times.

That's awesome to see how he wants to be a peacemaker! I will pray for him.

Shannon said...

I love Lukie! Give him a big hug and kiss (Blech) from me!