Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer Plans...

I know we still have a little while until summer... (our kiddos don't even get out of school until the first week of July) but my mind keeps drifting there.

As usual, our summer will be crazy busy, with a family arriving here in June for an internship, our week long English camp July 5-9 and then plans to travel back to Florida to spend time with the Glam Grams, so I am already starting to make my lists of ideas to keep us all sane. :)

Thought I would pass along some of what I have been gathering...

* a great idea for a summer list

*reading lists

* ideas for journaling (I plan on making each kiddo a notebook with room to journal, keep spelling lists and put photos and papers from fun places we visit)

*more fun here and here and here

*and how cute are these!


Mary Porter said...

I can't keep up with you! You are a magnificent mama with so many great ideas! Just think...when your kids are parents they will tell their children of everything you made them do! 56 days to go! :)
I love you!

Shannon said...

Super cute ideas! We are making a summer idea can with small papers in it, each with a different idea for the day. So if they're bored I can say "Go to the can!" Haha! Got it from the MOMs group at Rio. It's cute, and the papers are different colors, like green for outdoor activities. I can't wait to see YOU, though, that's big on Mommy's summer to-do list :)

Brad & Stacey said...

seeing you in on my list too!

Brian and Wesley said...

Thank you for such great ideas!! You are an amazing mom. And that picture of your kids is hilarious. ;)