Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Before my mom started back to work again, we thought we would take a quick overnight trip to Naples.  We left Ft. Lauderdale right when tropical storm Bonnie decided to hit land, but we were determined to not let it ruin our fun.

It rained the entire drive to Naples, but once we arrived, the rain let up long enough for us to hit the beach and look for shells.  When the rain started in again, we headed to the movie theater to watch
Toy Story 3 (which is a great movie!)

When we came out of the movie, the skies had cleared and we headed back to the beach for more shell collecting and playing in the sand!

The next morning, the weather was gorgeous and the kiddos were in the pool by 8:30! Unfortunately, we had to check out by 12~ but we played on the beach until it was time to pack up the car again!

For lunch, we stopped at Tin City.

It was a very short trip, but it was really fun for me to spend some alone time with my mom and the kiddos, while Brad got to spend some alone time with Neena!

To see more photos, go HERE

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