Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Please Pray for Memoo...

A few days ago my mom started having flu-like symptoms and severe abdominal pain.  Yesterday, she ended up in the ER and now is in surgery for what they believe is a twisted bowel.  We originally thought it was her appendix, so unfortunately this is more extensive.  I will be getting a flight out tomorrow to go and be with her (anyone willing to pick me up from Miami tomorrow?) The rest of the family will leave on their scheduled time of Monday.

*Please pray for my mom
*We have interns here and our English camp is in full-force right now...pray for everything that needs to get done before Monday
*Pray for Brad, as he has way too many plates spinning right now
*Pray for our kiddos, as they are scared 
*Pray for our teammate Lindsay who will need to keep things running when we are away

This is not exactly how we envisioned starting our summer vacation-but God knew and is faithful.


Marla and Rob said...


Love you, and Memoo, too!!

Shannon said...

I can totally pick you up!!!!!!!!

Amy Ross said...

Praying. Wish I could get you from the airport! I'm sorry your vacation is starting this way. Love you! Give Memoo our love too!!

Brian and Wesley said...

Praying for you all!!

melissa said...

I'm glad that you can go back and be with her. I hope that everything goes well back in Wien the next few days. Do you need anything the next few days or done while you're away this summer?

DrsMyhre said...

Dear Brad and Stacey,
Pray you get an inexplicable sense that God is in control of your raft as you head over the crashing rapids. Loved the beans-in-the-oven picture, have done that before! Only here the roaches move in. May God give you sweet times as an extended family over the next weeks. Love,
Jennifer and Scott