Sunday, September 05, 2010

From Vienna with love...

Yesterday we received a package in the mail from our teammate Lindsay, and our friend Whitney.  It was filled with goodies from Austria and notes of encouragement!  The kiddos were so excited, and can't wait to pack some of the treats in their lunches on Tuesday so they can show their friends here.

I also got a special comfy, over-sized sweatshirt that I have had since I was pregnant with Luke! Anyone who comes over to our house after 7pm, knows that this is usually what I have on! Everyone in our family makes fun of me when I wear it, but I love it!  I think the girls knew I needed a little taste of home :)  How sweet and thoughtful!

We are settling into a routine now, but the gravity of Neena's cancer still lingers like a heavy, dark cloud.  She grows weaker by the day, but continues to amaze us with her sweet spirit.

The stress has been tangibly felt...with tempers that have been short with one another, kiddos that are sometimes in tears after saying goodnight, and Brad even found himself in the ER earlier this week, struggling with chest pain.  Nothing serious was found, and now he is taking medicine for acid reflux, most likely brought on guessed it...stress.  Often we find ourselves emotionally drained and physically tired as we watch Neena suffer.  Still, we are grateful for the ways we can serve her and spend time with our extended family.

So that is the latest on us.  We are waiting, trusting and hoping in Him to get us all through this trying time...

and a little love from Vienna doesn't hurt either :)