Sunday, September 19, 2010

Milka turns 2!

We love to it is probably no surprise that we threw a little party for Milka's 2nd Birthday!
This is one happy dog who loves to hang out on a boogie board!
 Once the kiddos got out of the pool, they decorated some "bones"...with cookies and cream sprinkles to match Milka's spots

Ethan and Coleman 

Mackenzie and Abby    

Rowan looking cute as always!
Levi saying cheese
 Luke flaring his nostrils because he knows it totally annoys me :)
and 2 of my bestest buddies...Kim and Shannon
and Milka even got some homemade dog treats shaped like cats from the Smith family!
She certainly is well loved!  Happy Birthday Milka Joy Chili Pepper Hunter :)


Shannon said...

I miss you! Even though I just saw you :) That was a fun day!

Brian and Wesley said...

Seriously, Stacey, have you thought about becoming a consultant for Family Fun magazine? You are such a creative mom!