Thursday, May 19, 2011


:: when I look at this photo of my kiddos

:: as I help the kiddos make "dirt" (aka crushed oreos, gummy worms and chocolate pudding)

:: as I continue to put my little space together upstairs

:: when I look out on our terrace and see our rose bush full of blooms

:: when I think of last night... which certainly was a night to remember.

Normally I never "just" speak German with dinner guests, it is usually a combination of German and English and certainly our family never "only" speaks German together, but last night we invited over a guest that doesn't speak any English. I had to be pushed out of my comfort zone and dive in head first.
The rules for my kids were that they had to speak German, they couldn't correct my German and they couldn't laugh at my pronunciation.  It was a wonderful night around the dinner table...full of smiles :)


Brad & Stacey said...

Brad here--for the record, I am amazed at how much German my wife can speak when (1) forced to and (2) the kiddos and I don't try to correct her. Maybe there's something to be learned here???

DrsMyhre said...

Good for you!!! And I love your space. You could boost your support by hiring yourself for photography and interior decorating.

DrsMyhre said...

trying again to say . . .GOOD FOR YOU on the German, and I love your space. The red chair and the awesome chameleons on the stool cushion and the great quote and everything. If your support account is low and needs a boost, you have two extra careers (photography and interior decorating) ahead of you as a missionary artist!

Shannon said...

I think that is fantastic news! (Coming from your "Spanish-speaking friend" who, when I had a roommate from Mexico, just spoke English to her - you know, so she could practice).

Awesome step you've taken - keep it up, my friend!!!

PS I love your red chair!