Thursday, September 08, 2011


This week we thought we would take advantage of all of the kiddos being back in school to switch the boys' bedrooms upstairs and move ours downstairs.  What a task!  And a mess!  It is like moving without moving.  We are stepping over pile after pile of clothes, toys, office supplies, new IKEA furniture and junk.  But there is progress.

Abby's room is about 99% done (as most of her things just stayed the same, she just inherited some of the boys closet space) and Levi's new room is also close to being finished... remember my little "oasis"? It is no longer mine :(  But when all is said and done, it will be better, as everyone will have a little more space of their own.  So stay tuned for pictures...hopefully I can post some next week.

This weekend we are headed to see our friend, Joanna, whom we haven't seen since she became Mrs. Luper :)  We will head to Budapest just for a night~ but it should be a nice break from the piles!

Happy Weekend and Flower Friday to you!

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