Thursday, October 06, 2011

More Language Lovers...

I love that our kiddos love learning other languages!

I am super proud of Luke as he takes Spanish, along with German at school now, and last week Abby came home with a booklet of Korean phrases that a friend taught her.  It is so fun to watch her write out helpful words and names, and try to teach us how to say them properly :)

She says she would rather learn Korean now, instead of French...which for some reason she has always wanted to learn.

Crazy huh?  Yep- I am confident that Brad instilled this love and not me, as we all have heard my language learning ability :)

So are any of my readers out there Korean tutors????


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Be a proud Mama!

DrsMyhre said...

You might have to send her to RVA some day, where there are MANY Korean missionary kids.

Shannon said...

That's awesome! Who needs French, anyway??? :)