Friday, October 14, 2011


Based on the photos from my phone... I think I am gravitating towards all things orange 

I guess that means that Fall is really finally here. And that makes me happy :)
(And no, that is not our chameleon, Mo...that is a grown one that we saw at the pet store)

This weekend we are headed to Apfelhof.  I am sure more orange photos will be coming your way.

Flower Friday...sort of

Hope you can find some leaves to play in...

Happy Weekend!


melissa said...

Haven't been on your actual blog in a while - great header!

Orange is Silas' favorite color. He would like your photos. :)

Brad & Stacey said...

Thanks Melissa-
I can take no credit for the new header...Lindsay did it :)

bethany said...

I am always drawn to orange. And I love all things fall too! Great pictures!:)