Sunday, November 06, 2011

What a week...

This has been an extremely full week!  We have much to be thankful for and excited about :)  All of these events should really be their own post, but I am just too worn out to write them all separately...

so here is the shortened version of what our week looked like--

::  Halloween Party on Monday

:: Luke had his awards banquet for soccer on Thursday evening.  They really grew as a team and had a great season!  We are so proud of him!
                                                      (Luke is all the way on the right in the red and black striped shirt)

::  I started a photo challenge

::  We had a wonderful team dinner on Friday, celebrating Lindsay, as we prepare to say goodbye to her for a few months.  She will be back in the States until March~ and while she is there, she will be support raising, receiving additional discipleship training from WHM, spending time with her family and friends and hopefully getting some good rest :)  We are really going to miss her and look forward to her return!

:: Luke had 2 middle school parties on Friday!  We are on the brink of having a teenager on our hands :)
Gisselle and Irena
:: Our friend Gisselle came to visit for the weekend from Munich.  She lived in Vienna for a short time while she was working on her Masters, and she was an active part in the first few months of our church plant.  She was and continues to be a great encourager to us!  It was great catching up and getting to know her friend, Irena.

:: Kitchen demolition began on Saturday...and if all goes well, we will have a new one by Friday :)

:: While the kitchen was being taken apart, the kids and I joined some dear friends for a day of playing in the leaves... ( I will def. post more pictures later)

:: And last but not least, tonight we received our first class of new members at New City Wien!   It was a historic night for our young church and a great celebration of God's faithfulness to us and our church.

Go HERE to see more photos

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