Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Fall Break...Bled, Slovenia

There are many great things about living in Europe- but one of the major benefits is being able to easily travel to other countries.  Austria borders 8 countries, so traveling to another country here is like traveling to another state in the US.  We had a few free days over Fall Break, so we decided to travel to Slovenia.

We stayed in a small town right outside of Bled.  This was a view from the farmhouse we stayed in.

The kids loved playing soccer out on the lawn and exploring nature

The views were pretty spectacular...

The kids loved exploring the castle grounds and trying their hands at ax throwing and archery

We also all enjoyed some traditional creme cake... Delicious!

It was a fun trip for the family- with lots of beautiful sites to see, very nice people and yummy treats!


leslie.kidd said...

Beautiful pictures! I didn't realize that S.H. was there with you guys as well. :)

Shannon said...

Love these pics - you're so talented, Stace! It looks like it was a really neat trip. Enjoy it!!!