Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bits and Pieces...

On Friday evening, Abby and Levi participated in a talent show at their school.  It was put on to raise money for a mission trip to Romania.

Abby sang the song "22", by Taylor Swift and Levi played an old man who sort of argued with her as she sang about the joys of being young.  They came up with entire idea themselves and it turned out really cute :)

As they are getting older, it is fun to see bits and pieces of Brad and me in them!  I was just like Abby in middle school~ and I loved to sing and perform at any chance that I could- and Brad would take any opportunity to dress up with his buddies and imitate voices and accents.  Yep- the apple seriously does not fall far from the tree!  I loved that they had fun, were creative and felt a sense of accomplishment when they were finished.

You should have seen the looks we got when Levi decided to wear his wig on public transportation!  Abby took all of these photos on my phone and I am so happy that she just kept was a very sweet moment:)

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leslie.kidd said...

Too funny! Wish I could have seen them. Love the pictures of Levi and the wig!! :)