Saturday, February 23, 2013

Energy week and lots of snow...

I don't know the full history of why it is called "Energy Week", but it is part of the school calendar in Austria, and in February we get a week off of school!  Hooray!  Most Austrians go skiing during this week and we did too- but before our vacation started, we went ice skating at the Rathaus...

The following Monday, we headed out to Traunsee for a few days of skiing with friends.

and while the weather was a bit foggy and windy, the kids still had a great time

Ellie makes her way down the slope, while Carson rides the magic carpet

Milka loved watching all of the action and playing in the snow

and the hot chocolate was pretty good too :)

From our hotel we had a nice view of the mountains and the lake

and LOTS of snow

We came back to Vienna on Thursday, and it has been snowing off and on since

Crazy amounts of snow for the city!  
And while it is beautiful, I am having a little "Spring Fever" right about now :)

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