Saturday, April 06, 2013

Bieber Fever...

We got a phone call from a friend last Friday evening saying that she had a friend, that had FREE Justin Bieber tickets!  Did you catch that...a friend of a friend...FREE Justin Bieber tickets...would we like to go?  FREE tickets...who wouldn't want to go for FREE! (Thanks Julie and Kim!)

Abby and I only know a handful of his songs, so the day of the concert we just might have turned our Pandora station to Justin Bieber, so we could prep for the night...
there was also primping with friends :)

And speaking of friends, one of Abby's friends is a HUGE fan and she already had tickets for the concert- so we got to meet up with them, eat dinner before the show and take in all of the "Bieber Fever" together!  It was so fun!

Bethany(the future wife of JB), Danique and Abby

the crowds beginning to form

"the moms" are never too old to be a "Belieber" right?

This shot was taken before the concert started-and as you can see, the crowds on the bottom floor were standing room only, and as they packed more and more girls in, you saw more and more paramedics running back and forth taking girls on stretchers who felt like they were going to pass out, or actually did.  One report that I read from the local paper the next day, stated that 178 people were treated by the paramedics!  This was BEFORE the concert even started!  I had never seen anything like it.  I felt sorry for the girls and the paramedics.
But back to the concert...

The concert finally started after we waited for a least an hour after his opening act had finished... You should have heard the SCREAMS of all of those girls!  I have never experienced screeching like that :)
See those wings?  That is Justin flying into the arena, and once he landed, there were all sorts of fireworks...
Our pictures do not do our seats justice, as we really could see him pretty well...and ol' Justin is a pretty good performer, if I do say so myself ;)  It certainly was one of those experiences that I will never forget having with my daughter, and I look forward to one day telling her kiddos that I took their mama to a Justin Bieber concert!

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