Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Grandma turns 89!

I know I really need to catch you up on our adventures in the RV out west, but there are too many pictures to post and stories to tell, so I'll start with something a little more recent.

We have been in Iowa for 3 days now visiting with my grandparents. Yes- both of my mom's parents are still living! What a blessing.  My Grandfather is 88 and my Grandmother turned 89 today.  We don't get to see them very often, so when we do, the times are sweet.

Grandma always has a hug to offer...

and Grandpa always has a joke or story to share...

I am amazed at how sharp their minds are, and the details they can remember!  Even though their bodies don't work like they used to, they still manage to keep their humor alive and acknowledge that every day truly is a gift.  Their tenderness for each other is also still very evident, as they can anticipate what the other one will need or say.

Here they are on their wedding day...

And here they are tonight, after 63 years of living life together.  Aren't they cute :)

So today between Dr. appointments, picking up medications and reading the stack of birthday cards she received from so many of her friends, we celebrated with good food, stories, much laughter, presents, homemade ice cream and cake!

(My aunt and uncle from Texas were also on hand to celebrate with us)

Grandma has a huge servant's heart and loves her husband, family and Lord well.  I am so grateful for this time with them and will always treasure the things she has taught me!
Happy Birthday Grandma!

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