Thursday, August 22, 2013

First Day of School...

We arrived back in Vienna on Tuesday evening- which meant we had one day to recover from our summer of chaos before school started.  Smart parenting right :)  I think I last looked at the clock at 2:30 am this morning and the last of the kiddos had finally fallen asleep. Ugh.  At least it is only a half day!

I think they all are were struggling with jet lag, but I also think they were excited to start school today!

Luke is a freshman, Abby is in 7th grade and Levi begins 4th grade!  Wow time flies.


I know this summer I have neglected the blog- and I plan to document our crazy, fun, and exhausting summer soon! But here are a few recent finds that I thought I would share...

(As a result of all of the American treats, we are now trying to eat more salads...don't these look good)
Chopped Salad
Caesar Salad

Would your kids eat lunches like these?

What do you want your children to know?

Have you seen this video? :)

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