Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pumpkin Party...

Austrians really don't celebrate Halloween- but every year we at least try to carve some pumpkins and eat some yummy treats with friends!

Levi decided last minute to dress up as Darth Mal
Abby dressed up as Agnes, from Despicable Me and Zoey came as her sweet little self :)

This is Levi's friend Brendan, and it was his first time carving a pumpkin!  He is originally from Australia and they don't really celebrate Halloween there either.  I think Batman and Ironman turned out awesome!

Abby and Lizzy created a unicorn!

Hannah had fun playing with the seeds
We have carved pumpkins with the Kolensky's every year that we have been in Austria!
(in 2010 we were in the States for 6 months)
See that Chewbacca in the middle...that is what Brad and Luke carved!  Pretty impressive :)

We also munched on pumpkin donuts,  ginger snaps, and apples with caramel sauce

Here's a look at years past...

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