Friday, September 20, 2013

I heart Fall...

We had gone to visit some friends one evening last week, and when we walked outside Luke took a deep breath in and said, "It smells like Fall!"  He was right, the air did have that particular crispness that you get with the changing of the seasons.  And while the leaves have just started to turn slightly, it has not stopped me from baking pumpkin cake, making Roasted Butternut Squash soup and dipping some apples into some homemade caramel!

Next Saturday, our church will have our annual time at Apfel-Hof!  We cannot wait :)

And in other Hunter family news, Milka turned 5 yesterday!  We love her so much!  I was looking at old posts and had forgotten we threw her a little party when she turned 2!  So fun!  Sometimes you just have to celebrate the little your dog's birthday and the smell of Fall!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, finding little things to celebrate!

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leslie.kidd said...

Butternut Squash soup sounds yummy! Can you share the recipe with me please? :)