Sunday, August 06, 2006

Memoo Memories

My mom doesn't cook very often, but when she does, our favorite thing she makes is sausage bread. Today, she and Abby made a batch--best eaten right out of the oven. We have been so spoiled having Memoo live on our property for 5 years--so many great memories of playing, swimming, laughing, eating, and even cleaning together.

She has watched our kids too many hours to count, endlessly shared her stash of Diet Coke, and always seemed to check the dryer just when the load is ready to be folded. Yes, we are in for a big adjustment, as she gets ready to move on Friday.

It has been a tremendous blessing having her so involved with Luke, Abby, and Levi. I will miss this chapter of our story, but look forward to what God will continue to write in all of our lives as we begin a new chapter.

So--if you think of it this week, please pray for us (and both our moms) as they adjust to living together and we adjust to no longer having the back door swing open and the kids yelling "Memoo's here."

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